Friday, 22 July 2011

Blast from the past with 8 bit trip

I was actually mesmerized when I first seen this piece by Rymdreglage.

being covered in lego

Lyrics videos

Found these videos quite interesting. I couldn't find who originally created them, but I thought they were brilliant in terms of appropriateness of type and added a good deal of interest to the videos.
They're all David Guetta, just so you're not shocked when reading on...

David Guetta feat Rihanna-Who's that chick


This is my second blog, unlike my first blog, JimmytheStargazer, this blog will concentrate on other artists work, not my own portfolio. It will include pieces that I'm interested in and fascinated by in terms of creativity, design, illustration art and outside factors/areas that may influence any of these areas for me.

We see so many fascinating things in our day to day lives, utter inspiration aims to capture some of those moments for creative purposes